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Are you at a point in your business where you know you have an amazing product, service, or experience to share with people and you want to make sure you’re positioning yourself as the go-to resource in your market?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ then taking advantage of the benefits of Empowered Brand Therapy Consulting will transform your brand. You can teach people how to talk about you and your business, so you not only attract people who will buy from you, but also people you’re excited about welcoming into your community.

Empowered Brand Therapy Consulting covers six key areas to help you elevate your presence in the market by formulating strong, consistent messaging to help build trust and confidence in your audience so you attract ideal clients; who not only value and appreciate what you have to offer, but are also willing to pay what you’re truly worth. Here are the six benefits of Empowered Brand Therapy Consulting and why your busienss needs it.

1. Identify bias

The first step to creating a consistent, trustworthy message around your brand that other people will want to talk about is for you to be able to talk about it in a positive way—and believe what you say.  It’s natural as an entrepreneur to over analyze everything we do and find ways to pick our work apart.  While healthy criticism for the sake of excellence is a good thing, it is also a slippery slope.  Before you can move your brand forward, it’s important to be honest with yourself about where your brand is now.  We work together to unpack all of the bias and worries you have about your brand as it is, so we can root out any negativity or things that may be holding you back.

2. Clarify your brand identity by rooting and feeding your brand

Once we work through identifying bias in your brand, we shift to your brand’s identity and uncover the roots of your brand. Every brand starts with a spark; a feeling that couldn’t be ignored and a brand’s identity starts to form. Your brand’s roots include answering questions like who you serve, what you do for them, why you do it, and how you do it. Once those things are defined, we can get into what you feed your brand.

Feeding your brand looks like taking care of it by consistently reminding yourself, your team, and your audience why you do what you do, how you’re serving them, what you stand for, and how you show up. Brand Therapy is designed to guide you to exactly what you need to feed your brand in order to thrive.

3. Define core values

The core values of your brand are like a heartbeat. We work together to ensure that you’re clear on the core values for your brand so you can incorporate them into the way you operate. Inherently, all of us have things we’re drawn towards, and it’s always based on a feeling.  Finding clarity on your core values is what will help you speak directly to the feelings of the people who will buy from you. (You can download a free copy of the Core Values Worksheet here.)

4. Hone in on your target audience and ensure your brand is inclusive

There is an expression that says if you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one.  You need to have a target audience, otherwise your message has no direction and it can get lost. We dig into experiences with past clients to get a clear understanding of who you’ve welcomed into your brand, while also thinking about future clients you want to serve. We also take a hard look at diversity, representation, and inclusion to ensure that your brand is truly welcoming to everyone you want to invite; and we work together to make sure that what you’re sharing with your audience comes from a genuine place.

5. Identify you brand’s personality and related beneficial relationships

Your brand’s personality is separate from your brand’s identity.  Your brand’s personality will be fueled by the people doing the work. We work together to figure out what elements of you and your team you want incorporated in your brand; while also making sure you have the support of beneficial relationships to help drive your brand’s success.

6. Formulate your mission, vision, and brand statement

The final step in Brand Therapy is defining your brand’s mission and vision. Your brand mission is what drives the company forward.  The vision is where you want to take your brand. Neither of these can be defined without working through the first five steps of Brand Therapy to help create the story you’re going to tell people.

The overall benefit to Brand Therapy is for you to finish with the clarity, confidence, and direction your business needs to thrive in the market.

Here is what’s included in every Brand Therapy Consulting experience:

  • Goal setting call to get familiar with each other and set expectations
  • Documentation to keep us both accountable
  • Empowered Branding Workbook
  • 2.5-hour 1:1 consulting sessions OR 8 weekly 1-hour 1:1 consulting sessions (depending on your needs)
  • 30-minute follow up session (60 days post session)
  • Actionable steps to strengthen your brand message, streamline workflow, define core values , narrow down your dream clients, enhance client experience, create intentional action plans, and build strategic, beneficial relationships.

“In just 2 short hours of working with Crystal, I found clarity and connectivity in my brand messaging that I never had before. She is an amazing teacher leader and with her guidance and suggestions I can’t wait to implement all the great suggestions and feedback she provided me with, it was so IMPACTFUL! Highly recommend!!!!!” ~Carrie M., BRA Network

Are you ready to get Empowered Brand Therapy for your business? Reach out so we can schedule a discovery call!


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