Are you ready to grow your business, but feel like you need help strengthening your brand's image and message in the market so your ideal clients talk about your brand the way you want them to?

Do you feel like you need to work on things like:
~Defining your values
~Strengthening your message
~Streamlining your workflow
~Enhancing your client experience
~Creating intentional action plans
~Building strategic relationships
~Ensuring your brand is welcoming and inclusive to all people

These are things to consider when you're ready to build an impactful business that serves people who understand and appreciate your value.

Brand consulting & mentoring for Creative ENTREPRENEURS who want to be impactful leaders


Define your brand core values and start connecting
with dream clients you'll love working with!

The most beneficial thing you can do for your business is to invest in yourself and your brand.

Brand Therapy Consulting was created to help business owners like you position your brand in the market in a natural, honest way that speaks directly to your target audience.  We take a deep dive into your brand to understand exactly what it is you do, how you do it, what makes you unique, and how you want to show up in the world. The information you share is used to help you strengthen and streamline your messaging and create a strategy for you to implement into your brand to draw people in and help establish you as a leader in your market.  (Bonus: if we also work together on your brand photos we'll have everything we need to create custom images around each part of your brand!)

Courses, workshops, mentoring, and coaching helped me combine my 15 years of corporate experience with creative passion to serve entreprenuers--LEADERS--like you, in Southern California, New York, Florida, and beyond.

Let's talk about what we can do together...

i get it and I would love to help you!

Are you ready to build an impactful brand that's authentic to who you are while attracting clients you love working with?

"Crystal not only helped me tell the story of my brand, but gave me a completely new perspective on my company's identity. By the end of the process, I had a stronger vision for our presence in the marketplace and the experience that we create for our clients. It was absolutely enlightening and it definitely felt like getting therapy for my business."

~Nick M.

Brand Therapy Consulting

All Brand Therapy Consulting sessions include:
Brand Building Workbook
15 minute goal setting call
30-minute follow up in 60 days
Bonus: Branding Micro Course Recording

2-hour 1:1 Brand Therapy Consulting Session

Perfect if your business is mostly in a
good place, but you want individual guidance and
feedback on how to strengthen your existing brand message.

8 weekly 1-hour Brand Therapy Consulting Sessions
Perfect if you need to strengthen your brand message, streamline workflow, define core values , narrow down your ideal client, enhance client experience, create intentional action plans, build strategic relationships and ensure your brand is welcoming and inclusive to all people.

Brand Therapy begins at $697

Are you ready to streamline and grow your business?
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Brand Therapy & Consulting

Inclusivity Consulting

Are you ready to ensure your business is truly inclusive?
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2-hour session

Perfect if you're a photographer who is mostly in a
good place, but need help getting out of a rut.

4 weeks

You've been in business a little while, but need
help with things like organizing workflow, refining your message,
connecting with people, and narrowing down your ideal client.

8 weeks

You're pretty new to running your own photography business
and you need help creating and streamlining processes, identifying
your ideal client, defining your values, honing in on your messaging, and putting the practices in place that you need to have the business and freedom you want.

Mentoring sessions begin at $497

Mentoring for Photographers

Are you ready to streamline and grow your business?
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Are you ready to start charging what you're worth?

Inclusivity Consulting sessions include:
Mindful Awareness & Inclusivity in Your Brand Workbook
30-minute introduction call
2-hour 1:1 Inclusivity Consulting Session
1-hour follow up in 60 days

You will finish with actionable steps to make your business and your life truly inclusive with confidence in your ability to be an ally to all people, including BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people in a genuine way.

Inclusivity Consulting begins at $697

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