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An interracial couple hold hands, looking at each other on the beach.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you didn’t feel welcome? Perhaps a time where you felt left out or disregarded and no one seemed to notice? My guess would be that you didn’t like the feeling and you were less inclined to stick around. That feeling you recall is what arises when people don’t see themselves represented or feel welcome in a space–including brands that have seemingly excluded populations from their narrative.

Now, think about a time when you’ve felt welcome. You might have felt comfortable and open; perhaps even connected to those who were present. That memory is a good feeling, isn’t it?

That good feeling is what people look for when they interact with brands. They want to feel comfortable, open, and connected. They want to feel like they matter, especially if they’re investing their time, energy, and money to support the brand.

The feelings people experience from their perceptions and interactions with a brand determine they way they will talk about it and this creates an opportunity for a ripple effect that can be positive or negative. This is why inclusivity consulting has the power to impact you, your brand, and the people you connect with.

Inclusivity is so much more than diversity, and representation. Inclusivity is being open and mindful through learning and unlearning what is truly welcoming to all people.  It requires awareness from within yourself as a leader and from your team as representatives of your organization.  In order to be aware, it’s important to first understand that there is a difference between diversity, representation, and inclusivity when it comes to organizational structures and brands. 

Definitions for the words diversity, representation, and inclusivity all seem to have a similar meaning; however when applied to organizational structures, diversity and representation can quickly become meaningless if the organization isn’t truly welcoming towards the groups they’re outwardly trying to show representation for. This is why Mindful Awareness & Inclusivity in Your Brand was created.

When it comes to inclusion, it’s important to be mindful of the experiences other people face and be considerate when we welcome them into our brands.  It’s also important to remember that inclusion isn’t just black and white. If we’re going to be truly inclusive, intersectionality must be incorporated in the work to ensure all people feel welcome, regardless of their race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, or ability. There have been a lot of discussions about diversity, representation, and inclusion; including questions about what the difference is between them. 

Here’s how we view it: diversity brings people in, representation gives them a voice, and inclusion makes them feel welcome, heard, and understood.

Mindful Awareness and Inclusivity in Your Brand is a four-part consulting experience, created with the idea that it’s not enough to learn what we should and shouldn’t be doing, but that we should look inward as well.

Here is what the Mindful Awareness and Inclusivity in Your Brand consulting experience includes:

  • 30-minute introduction call to get familiar with each other and set expectations
  • Documentation to keep us both accountable
  • Empowered Branding & Inclusivity workbook
  • VIP Day 1:1 consulting session
  • Check-ins to see how you’re doing
  • Follow up session (60 days post session)
  • Actionable steps to make your life and your brand truly inclusive in a genuine way!
  • ‘Inclusive Brand’ website badge

The workbook is comprised of an introduction and three sections:

  • Identifying Bias – looking inward
  • Brand Inclusivity – examining community
  • Core Values – brand principals

The end goal is for you to have 3-5 commitments you can practice to ensure inclusivity in your brand, because the reality is that inclusion isn’t just something you can do by showing photos of diverse groups of people.  It needs to be a practice you actually believe in, otherwise it will be inauthentic and performative. When we work together, you will learn how to invite all people into your brand in an open, compassionate way that leaves them feeling welcome, heard, and understood.

Here’s what some of our clients have said about their experience:

“It was fantastic!  It was introspective. It was evolutionary.  it made me feel like I had the tools to evolve myself, my business, and my values and express them in the world they way I really want to.” ~Paige R., Paige Ray Creative

“I seriously cannot recommend this consulting AND Crystal enough. Between the workbook and the calls with Crystal, I truly feel like I have actionable steps that I am really, really excited to take in my personal life + professional life to become more of an ally.

And, to be honest? I was nervous going into all of this. I WANTED to do it so badly, but I was so scared. The biggest takeaway I had with this entire experience (other than the amazing takeaways I’m working on) is that Crystal’s approach is one that is non-judgmental and you can feel her heart through each and every piece of feedback she provides. It almost felt like therapy, in a way, because I felt like I could talk about my workbook responses in a safe environment, with someone to give me realistic, actionable feedback to improve.

I promise you it’s one of the absolute best investments I’ve made personally and as a business owner. She’s amazing and I will continue referring this coaching as much as possible to those looking to become a better ally for BIPOC + LGBTQ+.” ~Britt H., Launch Your Daydream

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