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Nick Molano; owner of Longview Consulting, LLC in Orlando, Florida, needed brand photos for his information technology company. Longview develops software to help small businesses rock their workflow and spend more time doing things they enjoy.

Nick started Longview Consulting to create software in a new way, specifically for socially consious, unconventional business owners that value community.

Nick needed more than just brand photos and image strategy for Longview, he needed help defining the company’s core values, target audience, and brand messaging.

Together, during a deep dive planning meeting, we determined that it was important to incorporate Nick’s love of music and science fiction, with his relaxed and confident approach to designing custom software for small businesses.

We worked to create a series of images and messaging that could be used cross functionally for Longview’s website, social media, and marketing channels. Since we were also thinking about the future of Longview consulting, many images produced were intentionally off center or left with additional head room so there would be space for marketing text to be placed on the images, because Nick plans to incorporate education and speaking opportunities into his brand.

After working together, Nick now has a clear vision for Longview with custom images to support it. He understands how his photos can be utilized and he has strong, consistent messaging to share with his brand visuals.

With a clear vision and strong brand images, Nick saw Longview Consulting’s revenue increase 560% in under 60 days.

“Crystal not only helped me tell the story of my brand, but gave me a completely new perspective on my company’s identity. By the end of the process, I had a stronger vision for our presence in the marketplace and the experience that we create for our clients. It was absolutely enlightening and it definitely felt like getting therapy for my business.” ~Nick M.

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