An Essential Guide to Branding in Under 30-Minutes | Branding Micro Course Video | Crystal Lily Creative | Los Angeles, NYC, Central Florida

Do you have an amazing product, service, or experience to share with people, but feel unsure of how to position yourself as the go-to resource in your market?

If the answer is ‘yes,’ then taking advantage of this essential guide to branding micro course will give you exactly what you need to get started in under 30-minutes. Learn the ways you can to teach people how to talk about you and your brand, so you attract clients you’re excited about working with!

This essential guide to branding in under 30-minutes micro course video covers eight key areas to consider when it comes to formulating strong, consistent messaging to help build trust and confidence in your audience so you’ll attract ideal clients you’ll love! In this beginner’s guide to branding micro course video, we will cover:

  • The basics of branding and why it’s important.
  • How to root your brand identity and define more than your ‘why.’
  • What to feed your brand so you know how to share your brand’s benefits with your audience.
  • Identifying core values for your brand.
  • Meaningful audience targeting.
  • Inclusivity in your brand.
  • Formulating your mission and vision.
  • The purpose of custom brand photos.

“I found clarity and connectivity in my brand messaging that I never had before. She is an amazing teacher leader and with her guidance and suggestions I can’t wait to implement all the great suggestions and feedback she provided me with, it was so IMPACTFUL! Highly recommend!!!!!” ~Carrie M., BRA Network

Are you ready to learn about ways to connect with people who value and appreciate what you have to offer AND are willing to pay what you’re truly worth?

Click here to gain access to the Essential Guide to Branding in Under 30-minutes micro course video.


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