The Fig House | Open, Colorful, Retro Inspired Wedding & Event Venue | Los Angeles, California | Crystal Lily Photography

Do you love an open floor plan and colorful spaces? If so, The Fig House is a place you should check out! This open, colorful, retro inspired wedding and event venue in Los Angeles is absolutely perfect for people who want to throw a party with personality.

I had the opportunity to visit this venue and fell in love with the vibe. It’s somewhat similar to The Ruby Street which is another venue I visited that’s pretty magical too.

The Fig House is unique, bright, spacious, and best of all–private! The venue has a large open air patio and it’s set up in a way to give you and your guests the privacy you all want when everyone is getting down with their best liquid courage filled dance moves. The main room, off of the patio has plenty of retro lounge seating and of course a bar located towards the middle of the room for easy access to the aforementioned liquid courage.

I also cannot forget the staff. Everyone I spoke with and interacted with before and during my visit was incredibly friendly and helpful. If you’re planning a wedding or event, you should definitely reach out to the team at The Fig House and schedule a visit to check it out.

Looking for a fun photographer to fit into a colorful vibe like this for your wedding? Reach out and share what you’re planning. I’d love to see what we can do for you!


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