The Ruby Street | Los Angeles Church Turned Hip Wedding Venue | Southern California | Crystal Lily Photography

TheRuby Street on the East side of Los Angeles is high on my list of wedding venues I’d love to work at with an amazing couple! This place is fantastic and what makes it so unique is that it used to be a church!

I’ve mentioned this on social media in the past, but I really do have a thing for churches in spite of not being religious. I find churches incredibly beautiful in so many forms and I appreciate and respect what they mean to people. Any time I’m traveling, whether it’s domestically or abroad, I’m always drawn to churches and I photograph them fairly often.

That’s why when I learned about The Ruby Street, I knew I had to visit. The church was built in 1905 and bought by a couple (Lourdes Hernandez and Zachary Leigh) in 2015. They didn’t have a plan for it right away, but once it was renovated they expected to rent it out for filming and creative events. Instead, they started booking weddings almost right away and that has become their focus.

Walking into this unique space made me feel really relaxed and I could have spent the whole day there. I kept imagining the places and ways I would photograph people in different parts of the venue and the more I walked around, the more I knew The Ruby Street was going to end up being a must work wedding venue on my list.

One more fun fact about Ruby Street: they open the space up once a month for co-working days so us creatives can get out of our pajamas and slippers to work and interact with other humans for a change of scenery!

Planning on having your wedding here, but still need a photographer? Send me a note and and let’s see what I can do for you! xoxo


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