Harry Potter Inspired Spring Engagement Photos | Melbourne, Florida Beer Garden | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | Crystal Lily Photography

What’s more fun than taking engagement photos with your high school sweetheart? Taking THEMED engagement photos! This Harry Potter inspired, spring engagement photo session in a Melbourne, Florida beer garden outside of Orlando was more than worth spending a little extra time away from Los Angeles for.

Alex and Darek wanted to do something a little different for their engagement session and they wanted two completely different looks with their photos. For their first round of engagement photos, they wanted something that would make mom and grandma happy before they changed into their Harry Potter robes (YES, there were actual robes!)

We met at the local library just outside of the beer garden where Alex and Darek brought their super sweet pup, Ringo for some family style engagement photos. We took photos near the water and crossed our fingers that the dark clouds above didn’t open up on us. (Spoiler alert: they did, because Florida.)

When it did start to rain, we made the best of it and worked with the “just in case it rains” umbrella I brought along. Between the rain and the lack of magical light I’m accustomed to, I was happy to do things differently than I normally do and the results ended in some fun/moody magic! And when the Harry Potter robes came out after the “mom and grandma engagement photos” were done, it was play time for Alex and Darek!

We walked the streets and alley ways near the beer garden, mixing the darkness with hints of light to give them a unique, magical vibe. The cutest part was watching them put spells on each other in the empty beer garden! Keep scrolling to see the fun they had!

Looking to create fun, themed engagement photos of your own? Reach out and tell me what story you’d love to be a part of!


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