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Sunset engagement photo sessions in Florida are always a good time, especially when they’re playful and met with pretty colors; like this photo session on Cocoa Beach that ended up looking like cotton candy in the sky!

Amanda and Nick originally wanted to take their photos on another part of the beach, but there was a large, unattractive pipe running right through the middle. So as what is apparently becoming a theme for my couples, we drove an extra ten minutes down the road to a beach that didn’t have a pipe running through it.

We hung out on the sand and I started getting to know Amanda and Nick while I took pictures of them playing on the beach. While the place we ended up wasn’t their first choice, they told me they had good memories on that part of the beach too. I could tell Amanda and Nick both love to laugh and when they waded in the water, all I could see was Amanda’s big laugh after being surprised by the cold water. Then I saw her laugh even harder when she and Nick realized his shorts were see through when wet! (Don’t worry, it was still PG-13, haha!)

Amanda and Nick came back to the shore and snuggled at the edge of the water while the sky changed from blue to pink and purple, reflecting on the sand. It was such a super sweet, romantic ending…except that wasn’t the way it ended, LOL.

The truth is, we had one more shot we wanted to get, because Amanda and Nick wanted to play with smoke bombs and I loved the idea. We were met with a hard dose of “expectation vs. reality” as Nick tried to light them, while I was ready with my camera so I didn’t miss the shot, and Amanda was trying to shield Nick from the wind. We probably looked ridiculous, but we were committed to trying to get this shot.

We ended up getting one shot on the beach with Amanda and Nick kissing in front of a faint stream of pink smoke; and I’ve gotta say, for as fast as they went in for the kiss immediately after the smoke bomb lit, neither one of them looks rushed at all. In fact, they look pretty into it.

Want your own fun engagement photos on the beach? Send me a note and and let’s see what I can do for you! xoxo


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