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This playful elopement anniversary session on the Brooklyn Bridge and around the neighborhood of DUMBO in New York City encapsulates the entire reason why Crystal Lily Photography exists, because it’s FULL of love, laughter, fun, personality, and good vibes!

Crysbel reached out to me after stumbling across my Instagram page while she was looking for a Florida photographer to work with. Crysbel explained that she and Carlos eloped in May 2018, but they didn’t hire a photographer to capture the milestone. They were planning an anniversary trip to Florida and she asked if I was available to do an anniversary session for them to celebrate.

What Crysbel didn’t know is that I am a stalker, haha! I found her on social media and saw that she and Carlos were based in NYC. I was in the midst of planning a trip to New York just a few weeks before the date she wanted to shoot with me in Florida.

Since I wasn’t going to be available on her requested date in Florida, I bravely sent her an email back, explaining that I stalked her and that I was planning a trip to New York. Then I asked if they would be willing to work with me in Brooklyn instead, because I absolutely loved their vibes and assured her that their session would be more about the feelings than the location. Crysbel made my day when she replied back in agreement! I was VERY excited about this, because I had been itching to work with an amazing, fun-loving couple in NYC and the universe listened!

Crysbel and Carlos were very clear about what they wanted, which were photos that reflected their silly personalities, their love of Brooklyn, and their desire to go with the flow and have a good time. It was easy to tell that they really like to have fun and they crack a lot of jokes.

I found out later that a lot of the laughter you see in their photos was because they were “roasting each other to make each other laugh.” I found this hilarious, because I know I asked them to tell each other what they loved about the other person.

Crysbel and Carlos were literally delivered to me by the universe and not only do I absolutely ADORE them, but I appreciate them in a way that I don’t think any words could actually define. It’s a really special thing when your clients feel like friends and bring out the good vibes when you need them the most.

Crysbel and Carlos might have hired me for a service, but really, they were serving me by lifting my spirit. Now, every time I see their photos, I’m filled with gratitude for having the chance to connect with them and feel like more than just a random photographer. If that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is!

Here’s what Crysbel had to say about their experience:

“Crystal is amazing to work with! When discussing with her our vision for the photoshoot, she listened and gave her input/suggestions to make the best out of the session. Most importantly, when you’re having a conversation with her, it feels as if you’re talking to one of your close friends and you can address any question/concern, she would be more than happy to explain. On the day of the photoshoot, she was very professional: she was on time, patient and even when it rained she sacrificed her poncho for my husband and I to sit together. When working with her, you can truly see that she’s very passionate as a photographer.” ~Crysbel

Do you and your favorite person want a fun, offbeat, personality filled photo session? I’d LOVE to hear about the vibe you wanna see in your frames. Send me a note and let’s talk about it!

Dress: Lulu’s | Her jacket: Express |His jacket: Zara | Her shoes: Steve Madden | His shoes: Aldo Shoes

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