Boudoir & Laughter

Boudoir can be SO much fun if you let it!  It doesn’t always have to be entirely serious and sensual or even what would usually be considered “really sexy;” (although I am a huge fan of those emotions too as long as they’re portrayed FOR the person who is in the photos rather than being solely for someone else’s eyes) because it can also be time you spend with yourself, observing yourself, getting comfortable, uncomfortable (and comfortable again), laughing at yourself, and just being YOU!  That’s why I loved this session with Sarah.  She wanted to feel pretty (oh so pretty), but she also wanted to feel like herself and I think we accomplished that while also giving her the opportunity to do things she might not ordinarily do.  I had so much fun laughing and shooting with Sarah.  She reinforced how much I truly love boudoir and want to do even more of it for clients in the future.


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