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These.  Two.  Right.  Here.  Oh.  Em. Gee!!!  I met Courtney and Fuquuan in Chicago last month after being introduced via social media by a beautiful soul I photographed in Atlanta back in March.  Fuquuan had just proposed to Courtney a few weeks earlier while on vacation in Mexico, where they were celebrating Courtney’s birthday and the proposal was a BIG surprise to her.

Courtney’s friend Azara knew I was going to be in Chicago (thanks to the wonders of social media) and she suggested Courtney and Fuquuan take advantage while I was in town.  It was the perfect happenstance, because they needed engagement photos and I happened to have an opening during my trip.

My first conversation with Courtney was super flattering.  She told me that they weren’t sure if they were even going to do engagement photos, because they were in the midst of packing up their life in Chicago to move to Atlanta to be near her family since they recently welcomed a new baby.  When she found out I was going to be in Chicago and she’d had a chance to check me out she knew she wanted to work with me!  We mapped out a plan, I gave her the tips she needed to share with her new fiance, and we set a date.

When I finally met them AND their adorable little man it was SO. Freaking. Easy!  It was obvious that they were really, REALLY in love and everything between them was so natural, which translated really well for me while I gave minimal direction as I took photo after photo.  I couldn’t get enough and our session even ran a little bit over.  I mean, just look at them!  They’re a beautiful couple with a very cute baby and their sweet, flirtatious energy plays so well on camera.  All I can say is more of this, please!

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