I absolutely loved this session with Azara!  I met her at a restaurant in Atlanta while I was visiting an old friend from college who managed the place and Azara caught my eye when she brought us our drinks.  I couldn’t help but to find her simply stunning.  She had beautiful naturally curly hair and the prettiest smile.  So I took it upon myself to get “creepy” lol.  I told her I was a photographer and I thought she was so beautiful and would love to take photos of her.  She looked at me and just laughed while also surprising me as she said “Yes, I would love to!”

We exchanged information and ended up talking on the phone the following day.  We discussed looks and set a date.  We agreed to meet at my hotel so we could drive to the studio together.  Keep in mind here, Azara and I didn’t know each other at all and we would later joke that either one of us could have been serial killers.  I chose Studio APG which was located at The Goat Farm about 15 minutes outside of Downtown Atlanta and the studio was perfect!

Azara and I had So.  Much.  Fun!  She was playful and I was my usual silly self which made for some great energy and even better shots.  We both filled the studio with good vibes and I couldn’t help but think to myself that ‘I could legit be friends with this girl.’

After we wrapped up our shoot and started driving back to my hotel, Azara shared goals and creative ideas of her own.  We got to talking about life, opportunities, and sharing stories of people when we realized we had a common acquaintance.  We couldn’t believe it!  What were the odds that two women who randomly met in a restaurant would know the same person when they’ve never encountered anyone else in similar circles?!  We couldn’t stop laughing about it!  So naturally from there, we both knew we were going to be friends.

Once we got back to my hotel, we made a plan to hang out…that very same night!  She invited me over for my favorite kind of hang: wine in leggings on the couch!  I got to meet her husband and her son while we lounged on her very comfy couch drinking wine and listening to music.  We talked about what seemed like everything and if a stranger would have walked into the room, Azara and I could have easily been mistaken for two women who had been friends for years.  She and I even talked about how crazy and technically unsafe all of our decisions had been that week leading up to the moment we were sitting on her couch.  She told me that if I hadn’t been a woman and if I didn’t have such great energy, she never would have agreed to work with me, let alone invite me over for obvious ‘stranger danger’ type reasons.  I agreed with her and I was so thankful that our paths crossed in that restaurant.  We clicked like soul sisters that night and we’ve been friends ever since!  Talk about a testament to saying “Yes!”

Azara, I’m so thankful for you, my beautiful lady-sister-friend!


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