Havana Lovers | LGBTQ+ Destination Engagement in Cuba | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Planning a destination trip to Cuba for your wedding or engagement?  This LGBTQ+ destination photo session in Havana will make you want to pack your bags!

When you meet people you immediately know you want to spend time with, it’s a pretty special thing. It’s safe to say that’s how Ishak and Felix feel about each other and I felt the same way when I met them. I just wanted to hang out with both of them!

We were introduced by the lovely Amanda Bjorn during my trip to Cuba back in January and I adored them from the start.  We woke up with the sun to shoot in the streets of Old Havana before they began to fill with life from every corner of the city.  I was so happy while I was photographing them, because their energy literally set the tone for the entire rest of my day. They filled each other up with laughter and it was definitely contagious! Even after being heckled by someone on the street for being two men in love, they continued to find joy. While it was unfortunate that a passerby had unkind things to say, Felix made light of it by expressing his frustration to us when he uttered the words “F*** you! Let me be gay!”  (A quote I will forever appreciate.) He went on to say how ridiculous it was that people have such an issue with his choice of who he loves, because he’s not hurting anyone.  I couldn’t agree more and the result of Felix and Ishak’s love for one another is hard to ignore when I look at these photos.


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