Recreating Memories

What’s sweeter than a newlywed couple on their wedding day?  An already married couple reliving their wedding day!  I love this story about Jackie and Terrell.  They have been married for more than five years and with two kids, they have had their ups and downs.  Jackie and Terrell had a small wedding in Florida and hired a photographer that didn’t deliver the warmest experience on their wedding day.  To make matters worse, they ended up hating their wedding photos!  They told me they didn’t even use any of them in their wedding album, instead opting to use photos they collected from their guests.  How upsetting is that?!

Fast forward to January of this year when Jackie and Terrell told me they wanted to recreate their memories in an elopement style, with just the two of them on the beach where they love to spend summer days with their kids.  Jackie was really excited, because she’d implemented a lifestyle change several months prior and was thrilled about fitting into her wedding dress again after so long.

We went to the beach in time for sunset and began shooting.  Jackie and Terrell were so, so sweet with one another as they exchanged kind words and relived the memories of their wedding day.  They held hands, danced, and embraced each other on the beach as the sun went down and the sky changed colors.  Jackie kept saying it was one of the best days she’d had in a while and Terrell agreed with her.  They were able to relive the memories from their wedding day and they received photos that made them both cry.  It was an honor to create new memories for them and give them an experience worth sharing.



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