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Personal Brand Photos for Melissa Fredericks’ MKOS Rebrand | Crystal Lily Creative | Brand Photographer & Consultant | Los Angeles, California + NYC + Florida

Have you been thinking about getting personal, or even professional brand photos done to help draw your audience in? Would you like to cultivate a community of people who feel more connected to you and encouraged to engage with what you have to share? If you answered “YES!” to both of those questions, then personal […]

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Social impact is a large part of the conversation with progressive brands and philanthropy is a key component. Many brands choose to work with or give back to organizations that align with their core values so I decided to compile a list that can be updated as organizations are introduced to me. We are all […]

Non-profit Organizations You Should Know About | Crystal Lily Creative | Photographer & Brand Consultant | Los Angeles + NYC + Florida

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6 Ways to Make an Impact With Your Business & Build an Empowered Brand | Crystal Lily Creative | Photographer & Brand Consultant | Los Angeles + NYC + Destinations

When you hear the words impact and empowered in relation to business, what comes to mind? Are there any particular brands or influential people that you think of? What do they do that creates impact and empowerment from your perspective? Impact and empowered (along with every variation of these words) are no doubt popular buzzwords […]

A stack of inspiring books by Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Angela Duckworth, Glenon Doyle

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Hey business leader! How do you connect with your audience? Do you use specific keywords or phrases to capture your audience’s attention? What if I told you that you could connect with your audience and capture the attention of your dream community by talking about the soul of your brand: core values?! (Click here to […]

A couple snuggles close while smiling, reading from a cell phone screen.

The Soul of Your Brand: Core Values | Free Download Inside | Crystal Lily Creative | Photographer & Brand Consultant | Los Angeles, California

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An Essential Guide to Branding in Under 30-Minutes | Branding Micro Course Video | Crystal Lily Creative | Los Angeles, NYC, Central Florida

Do you have an amazing product, service, or experience to share with people, but feel unsure of how to position yourself as the go-to resource in your market? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then taking advantage of this essential guide to branding micro course will give you exactly what you need to get started in […]

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Nick Molano; owner of Longview Consulting, LLC in Orlando, Florida, needed brand photos for his information technology company. Longview develops software to help small businesses rock their workflow and spend more time doing things they enjoy. Nick started Longview Consulting to create software in a new way, specifically for socially consious, unconventional business owners that […]

Brand Photos & Business Therapy Consulting for Information Technology & Services Company; Longview Consulting, LLC | Crystal Lily Creative | Brand & Lifestyle Photographer | Los Angeles, Califronia + Orlando, Florida + NYC

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Benefits to A Custom Brand Photography Session with Crystal Lily Creative | Brand Photographer | Los Angeles, NYC, Central Florida, & Destinations

Are you thinking of investing in custom brand photography for your business, but want to make sure you’re getting all of the benefits your business needs? There is so much more to think about when it comes to brand photos than people might realize, which is why brand photography should be a seamless experience for […]

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Brand photography has become an integral element of branding for small businesses over the last few years and it’s easy to see why: custom brand photos, created specifically for your brand will set you apart from others in your market. Especially if you work with a brand photographer who takes the time to not only […]

6 Benefits to Investing in Custom Brand Photography & Why Your Brand is Worth It | Crystal Lily Creative, Brand Photographer | Los Angeles, NYC, Central Florida

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Brand Photos for San Diego Based Attorney, Braden Adam Drake’s Signature Course: Un-f*ck Your Biz | Los Angeles, California Brand Photographer | Crystal Lily Creative

If you’re a creative entrepreneur in Southern California and you aren’t yet familiar with San Diego based attorney, Braden Adam Drake and his signature course for entrepreneurs; Un-f*ck Your Biz, then take a look at these brand photos we shot in Los Angeles; and then head over to Braden’s site and check out all of […]

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I have an unpopular opinion about weddings: they’re indulgent. There. I said it. Be honest. You know I’m right. But don’t revoke my good vibes card just yet. This perspective doesn’t mean I don’t like weddings, because I do and I LOVE getting to work with thoughtful couples. I say weddings are indulgent because, they […]

Here’s Why I’ve Been Talking So Much About Sustainable Weddings & Impactful Brands That Want To Make A Difference | Crystal Lily Creative | Purposeful Brand & Lifestyle Photography | Los Angeles, California & Destinations

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