How to Create An Inclusive, Empowered Brand Statement | Crystal Lily Creative | Photographer + Inclusive Branding Consultant

I’ve said more than once that we have a responsibility to use our brands and our platforms to make a positive change within our communities; and so much of that happens through the connections we make with people.

That’s why I think it’s so important that we build brands that are not only welcoming and inclusive, but rooted in our core values and beliefs. Your brand should be something you’re proud of and excited about; so when your values and beliefs are at the center, you’ll be inviting people into your brand who want to engage and support the work you’re doing–and you’ll love working with them! 

Part of that starts with mindful awareness and considering how the the language we use has the power to impact others.

That’s why I created a guide to help you start revisiting your core values and beliefs so you can draft your inclusive, empowered brand statement. (I also set this up so it can be done in 30 minutes!)

If you’re thinking “I already have a mission and vision statement.  Why do I need a brand statement, too?”

Here’s the answer: Your brand statement ties your mission and vision into your core values and beliefs by telling your community what you stand for, rather than just what you do and what your goals are with your business. 

Your brand statement is what you can use to really connect to people on a human level.

Now if you’re thinking “Okay, great, but what do I do with it?”

The answer is simple: put it on your website for the world to see and let people know where you stand.

Grab your free guide to crafting an inclusive, empowered brand statement here.


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