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Social impact is a large part of the conversation with progressive brands and philanthropy is a key component. Many brands choose to work with or give back to organizations that align with their core values so I decided to compile a list that can be updated as organizations are introduced to me. We are all familiar with the big ones, (like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign, ASPCA, etc.) but there are a lot of really great, lesser known nonprofit organizations that deserve our attention, too.

*Note: This list is not intended to show preference for any organization over another and is in no particular order.

Center for Black Equity – Providing resources and support for black LGBTQ+ people, globally.

Sister Circle Media – Providing education, resources, and community support for black women in media and entertainment.

Marketing Mission – Nonprofit organization providing affordable marketing solutions to other nonprofit organizations to help them accellerate their impact.

Survivor Lit – Literary magazine and community dedicated to amplifying the voices of sexual assault survivors and providing resources to help them heal.

For the Life of You Mentoring Foundation – Connecting underserved yout to influential youth for a different reality.  Each year, they also do a bike drive to deliver bikes to underserved children.

Best Friends Animal Society – No kill animal rescue sanctuary, rescuing and saving the lives of animals, nationwide.

Do you have suggestions of organizations that should be included? Please email them to and let us know!


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