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In late 2019, I decided I wanted to make a shift in my business–a really big one. I decided I was going to start photographing fewer weddings in order to focus more on working with impactful brands. I knew that at the top of that list would be brands in the health and wellness space. Others would include brands with a philanthropic or sustainable element to their business and brands that work to empower others.

Katie Nesbitt was one of the first people I shared this decision with and she was kind enough to sit with me and talk through some of my ideas; one of which was connecting more with the yoga community. For that reason, I knew I had to ask Katie if she would ever consider having me photograph her in her element. She said yes and naturally, I was very happy when she did. Katie is one of those people who seems to effortlessly carry and share warm, healing energy with whomever she’s around. It’s hard not to want to connect and learn with her.

Katie and I made plans to meet at the beach in El Segundo, California the following week for a mini session and some photo play. We knew we just wanted to have fun so we didn’t over think it. Katie and I played on the beach for about half an hour to capture these images and the result is a series of warm, bright photos with a balance of calm and energetic feelings.

When I look at these photos, I see the beginning of ideas coming to life. The feelings that brings tell me that making the shift to work with impactful brands is the most authentic step for me to take. Here’s to paying attention and listening to that voice inside.

If you’re a part of the yoga community, I would love to connect with you. Please reach out and tell me about your practice!


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