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Travel is, hands down, the best thing money can buy and it would be hard to convince me otherwise. Meeting and photographing these newlyweds in Vevey, Switzerland was so much fun for this Los Angeles photographer!

I met Eduardo and Pierre while traveling to spend time with a dear friend in Geneva, Switzerland and we are now forever linked.

I met Eduardo first, during dinner with our mutual friend, Lucy who insisted we meet, because she knew we would hit it off and she was right. By the end of the evening, Eduardo invited us to have breakfast with him and his husband, Pierre in the quaint town they live in, about an hour outside of Geneva. It was also established that they wanted me to photograph them, because they had been married earlier in the year, but didn’t particularly love the photos they had.

A little back story on how Eduardo and Pierre met…

Eduardo was traveling in New York City from his hometown in Mexico with a friend, with plans to visit Montreal, Canada, but he didn’t apply for his Canadian visa in time. Rather than go back to Mexico, Eduardo told his friend to enjoy the rest of the trip to Montreal without him, and he would spend time in NYC.

Eduardo decided to treat himself to an opera show where he sat next to a man and sparked up a conversation. Eduardo had no idea the man he met at the opera would end up being his husband.

Pierre was traveling back to Switzerland after spending time caring for his brother, who had recently passed away in Arizona. Before going back to Switzerland, Pierre decided to treat himself to a show, where he met a man from Mexico.

The two connected and exchanged contact information and agreed to stay in touch, but neither of them knew the other were a part of the LGBTQ community. They both genuinely thought it was going to be a platonic friendship.

They began exchanging emails, which turned into phone calls where they eventually shared their stories. It was ultimately decided that Pierre would visit Eduardo in Mexico to see how things would go between them. Their connection was undeniable!

Eduardo and Pierre spent more than three years traveling back and forth between Mexico and Switzerland to visit each other as their relationship grew. Then in early 2019, Eduardo made the big move to Vevey, Switzerland to be with Pierre, where they got married.

They had a small ceremony, where they were married by a Justice of the Peace in Vevey, surrounded by friends and family. Eduardo told me they had a photographer, but the photographer they chose didn’t really capture who they were and that was something that was important to them.

After meeting me and seeing my work, they knew they wanted to do a session while I was visiting. We set it up to do a session the morning we had breakfast and we had so much fun together! Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

Being around Crystal was an amazing experience! She made us feel very comfortable around the camera and only good vibes came out of those moments. We were impressed by how her photos reflect the happy couple we are, and how professional she was during the whole process.

We greatly recommend her work and personality and we will definitely work with her in the future. Thank you again Crystal!

Traveling to a far away place and looking for a photographer to tag along? I love to travel! Reach out and let’s see if I’m someone you’d want hanging around for part of your trip.


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