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Date night doesn’t have to be a major production unless you want it to be. If you want to keep the connection with your favorite person, but neither of you are into the idea of a three figure meal that still leaves you feeling hungry (you know the ones) there are plenty of things you can do to keep the spark alive. Here are 5 fun, easy date night ideas to satisfy any homebody couple.

1. Turn on your favorite Spotify playlist and make pizza together! Seriously, who doesn’t love their favorite playlist and pizza just the way you like it? Making pizza together is a fun date night activity, and you can both get what you want by making personal pies. This is even a great option if you have dietary restrictions, because Pinterest is full of pizza recipes for vegetarians, vegans, and even gluten free peeps.

2. Have a picnic! Personally, I LOVE picnics! You can set up anywhere you want to–in the back yard or on the living room floor–grab a blanket, get some food, and don’t forget the candles. Picnics are easy and they have a sweet vibe to them that makes you want to cozy up with your favorite person, while you talk about life and bring up “remember when” stories.

3. Build a Spotify playlist together and swap stories about what the songs you add remind you of. This is perfect for music junkies and you can make an entire game out of it if music trivia is your thing. This can even be a date night idea you revisit and you’ll have your very own relationship playlist!

4. Have a movie night on the floor. Pull your pillows and blankets on the floor (or use an air mattress if you’re over 30 and can no longer handle the floor, HAHA) and watch movies slumber party style. I don’t know what it is about doing things on the floor, but it just feels more fun when you avoid sitting on the couch like “proper adults.”

5. Give each other the spa treatment with massages. Chances are that you both work hard and the idea of getting a rub down sounds pretty nice, right? Why not treat each other and make a date night out of it after a long week? Light some candles, break out the baby oil, and show each other some love! And don’t be lazy about it either. We all know the one partner who tries to do half as good a job as the other, and that’s just not fair. It’s date night in, so put forth your best effort for the one you love.

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