Washed By Sunlight

She was like a shadow washed by sunlight. Mysterious and beautiful. That dark alley you shouldn’t wander alone, but you’re so curious you follow the sound just as the sun goes down to find her. And you see–just as the rays touch her face–she’s beauty and she’s messy in the perfect, imperfect way. -cw

This is Ira.  I met this artful soul during my trip to Cuba in January.  She helped guide us around the city and showed an authentic side of Havana.  Ira was so kind and inviting, but filled with mystery at the same time.  Something about her made me want to capture who she was.

We shot this series in Ira’s studio in Havana and the energy was perfect.  She flowed in front of the camera so naturally and it wasn’t surprising given that she is a photographer and artist herself.  She knew what I was looking for and she delivered.

What I love most about these photos is that they prove how naturally beautiful a woman can be.  She didn’t wear an abundance of makeup; only a little bit of lip gloss and a hint of mascara.  We didn’t style her hair, letting it fall the way it would on any other day.  No stilettos, just a simple maxi dress for Ira to be herself in.  Simply beautiful.




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