Havana Filled My Heart

In January, I took a trip to Havana and met six beautiful women.  In a matter of days we went from being strangers to being friends and it was the most amazing experience I’ve had in a long time.  Throughout our time in Havana, we walked and even took rides around the city, soaking in everything around us.

The people and the culture with the art and music, mixed with the reality that life is very, very different for Cubans compared to what we are used to at home.  This series is very different from the work I produce for my couples and families in that it is raw and unpolished.  I wanted to give a true glimpse of Havana, because it has been such a coveted travel destination for photographers over the last few years and I felt it important to show more than models in colorful clothing, dancing in the streets.  And to be clear–there is nothing wrong with that, (I had a model in a colorful dress at one point too, but that’s another blog!) but I also wanted to show the streets with real people in addition to those shots we all want with the old cars on the road.  I can’t help but feel something special in sharing these photos.

*Special thanks to Amanda Bjorn for coordinating such an incredible experience!


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