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Brand photography has become an integral element of branding for small businesses over the last few years and it’s easy to see why: custom brand photos, created specifically for your brand will set you apart from others in your market. Especially if you work with a brand photographer who takes the time to not only learn about your business, but also dig in to decipher key differentiators in your process, services offerings, techniques, or products; with the goal of creating unique, compelling visuals to draw your audience in.

Here are six benefits to investing in custom brand photography and why your brand is worth it…

1. Your brand will look more professional.

When you invest in professionally produced brand images that are customized to your brand, your perceived credibility automatically increases; compared to a brand that is still relying on images that weren’t professionally produced. Custom brand photos not only increase your credibility online; it shows your audience that your business is established enough for you to have made the investment in your brand’s image.

(Pro-tip: stock images are fine if you’re just starting out and have a small budget for branding, however they won’t be unique to your brand and they can be used by anyone.)

2. Custom brand photos will set you apart and help you stand out in your market.

When you work with the right brand photographer, your images should be completely unique to your brand.

Photos of you sitting in a coffee shop next to your laptop may look good, but is it really compelling and more importantly–is it you? What if you prefer to work on your couch, in sweatpants, next to your dog? Wouldn’t you rather have brand images that reflect who you are and how you do what you do, so you attract clients who are more willing to invest in your brand because they feel like they can relate to you?

3. Custom brand images look more cohesive across your marketing platforms.

When your brand is visually cohesive, it sends a message to your audience that you have the ability to be consistent and consistency creates trust. People want to buy from brands they trust and yours should be one of them.

4. Custom brand photos are created in order to attract your ideal client.

When you’ve made the investment in your brand to tell the story of not only what you do, but why you do it and how you make it happen, you’re sharing a visual story that will resonate with your ideal clients that also conveys the values you share.

(Pro tip: if your brand is one where you can infuse your personality, go for it! And if you like to swear or share social views, incorporating this into your photos will ensure that you attract people who your message resonates with.)

5. Custom brand photos can be used cross-functionally.

People often need to see a brand multiple times before deciding to buy. When you have a consistent set of images being used in multiple places, it helps create brand awareness and brand awareness helps build trust. Using your brand images across multiple platforms will solidify your unique place in the market and remind people that your brand is consistently there for them, no matter which platform they’re using.

6. You can confidently charge what you’re worth.

When you’ve invested in your brand to create a more professional, cohesive and consistent brand image that your ideal clients are attracted to, you’re establishing that there is quality in what you offer. Your ideal clients will value your brand more when you’ve demonstrated to them that you’re an established professional and they will be more willing to pay the higher prices your brand is worth.

You’ve worked hard to establish your business and you know what you’ve put into it. You want your audience to know that you’re a professional they can trust and that no other brand will deliver in the same way yours does. What you have to offer is worth the pricing you’ve set and ensuring that you stand out in your market, while attracting your ideal clients is why investing in brand photography for your business is worth it.

Are you looking to have a set of custom brand photos created for your business? Reach out and set up a free brand consultation call to see what we can do to streamline your brand’s image.


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