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It isn’t news that having a wedding or any large event comes with dollar signs, but what if some of those dollar signs went back towards meaningful causes and making an impact beyond a single event?

The average cost of a wedding varies greatly depending on where you live, but couples in the United States easily spend between $20,000 and $40,000 on their wedding day.  Numbers like that often lead to sticker shock, but what if we all thought about it differently?

What if, instead of freaking out about the amount of money we spend on weddings and events, we looked at it as an opportunity to make an impact by working with people and companies who want to do more to help others?

The wedding and event industry is a huge machine that generates millions of dollars every year; and while it’s made up of a lot of small businesses, (Crystal Lily Photography included) together, we have the power to make a huge impact if we each gave back even a little bit.

There is already a shift happening within the industry and more vendors are beginning to incorporate philanthropy and sustainability into their business models.  Each of our reasons for doing so vary, but the overall theme is that we want to do more and help make an impact in areas that matter, outside of ourselves.

In January, a new platform was started by Nicki Fleischner to feature vendors who give back by incorporating philanthropy or sustainability in their business models.  Nicki started Plan With Purpose as “a smarter, less wasteful + more intentional way to event plan” because in planning her own wedding, she saw a need for a single place where people could go to find vendors who work to make a difference. 

The best part: currently, there is no fee for vendors to join the platform, because Nicki believes people should have easy access to thoughtful, impactful vendors.  Nicki also wants vendors to be able to share their mission to do more without having to spend additional money on marketing, when that money could be used to continue helping others instead.  Amazing, right?!

Why shouldn’t we be able to have great celebrations while also feeling good about where our money is going?

Here are six benefits of choosing vendors that give back…

1. You get to be a part of a movement that has the power to shape entire communities.  When you choose vendors who give back, you’re helping them in their efforts to make a difference in the places and things they value.

Whether it’s providing meals and education to children in need or donating to organizations that provide support to at risk LGBTQ+ youth; you can feel good knowing that you’re not just supporting one small business, you’re helping to support communities that appreciate being seen and feeling cared for.

2. Working together, helping others, and caring for the environment is what drives us towards the future.  I know, I know; it sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s true.  When communities are supported, the people that are a part of them have a greater opportunity to thrive; and who knows, they might become the next wave of helping hands.

3. Events produce a LOT of waste, but when you choose vendors who work to reduce the amount of waste at events, not only are you helping the environment, you’re also more likely to save money, because vendors who focus on sustainability know exactly what they need to avoid over ordering and having to pass those extra costs onto you.

4. You get to be more intentional.  When you know you only want to work with vendors who are sustainable and give back, your choices are immediately narrowed down.  From there, you’re able to determine who you want to work with based on the things you value.

When you find out that vendors you like also support causes you believe in, you’re able to make a connection and it becomes more personal.  You’re no longer just thinking about color schemes or entrée options; because you’re purposefully choosing to surround yourself with like-minded people that you and your guests can relate to.

5. You get to help raise awareness when you choose intentional vendors who support causes, because people talk.  People will talk about your wedding.  They will talk about the food, the venue, the photographer, the flowers, and the DJ.  And when people ask who did what at your wedding, you can tell them that you had a team of professionals who not only made your day amazing, but that they also work to help make a difference in the world around them.

People will think you’re pretty awesome and thoughtful for seeking out impactful vendors on purpose; and you might just influence them to do the same.

6. This one is easy: it’s good karma and who doesn’t want that circling back around?!  Seriously, when you’re a part of something good, you feel it from the inside out and good begets good.

Are you interested in working with a photographer who gives back for your wedding or event?  Send a note and let’s chat about what’s important to you!


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