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Every wedding photographer is different and the processes photographers choose to incorporate into their workflow is ultimately up to them.  However, when it comes to shopping for a photographer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so many options at varying price points.  There are eight things you should get from your wedding photographer and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask when you’re shopping around.  I wrote a blog post about the six things to consider when hiring a wedding photographer not too long ago and this could be considered an extension of that.

Shopping for a photographer is not something people do on a regular basis, so it makes sense that the majority of people don’t know what to expect or what questions to ask beyond “how much is this going to cost?”

The question shouldn’t be about how much it’s going to cost, but rather how much you’re going to get. That’s where the real value is when it comes to finding someone who’s going to give you an experience that will ultimately affect the way you feel every time you look at your wedding photos.

Here are eight things you should get from your wedding photographer:


This is not to be confused for customization, because if photographers choose not to customize pricing or packages there’s a reason.  Personalization, however comes from the very first time you start communicating with a photographer.

Do they make you feel like an individual or just another inquiry?  Do they ask you questions and try to learn more about you or do they just send you a pricing guide in what looks like a canned email?

You should feel like your photographer cares about YOU and not just the job itself.  When your photographer cares about you, they will make sure you have everything you need when you need it and check in with you, even if it’s just to see how your wedding planning is going.

A Clearly Defined Process

Photographers who have their stuff together will be able to tell you exactly what to expect and when.  From the booking process to photo delivery, your photographer should set your expectations on each step of the process while you’re working with them.

You shouldn’t wonder about things like what you need in order to book your wedding date or when you’re going to get your photos, because your photographer should tell you.

Proper Documentation

This should be obvious, but if you aren’t getting a contract, an invoice, or receipts from your photographer, you have every right and reason to be concerned.  Not only should your photographer care about protecting themselves, they should also care about protecting you and that means having a signed agreement and proof of payments made.

A Back-up Plan

If your photographer gets injured or becomes unable to photograph your wedding for any reason, do they have a plan in place?  Typically, something like this should be covered in your contract, but if it isn’t, ask.

Wedding Day Photo Check Lists

When you’re planning a wedding, there is a lot to think about and the number of details that roll in and out of your mind can seem overwhelming so it’s easy to forget things.

Wedding photographers are pros.  We know what most people want and need across the board and we’re prepared for it, which is why it makes complete sense to expect your photographer to give you a check list.

Your photographer should have a form for you to complete so they know who you want pictures of and with and if there are any scenarios to be aware of (i.e. deaths, divorces, special traditions, etc.)

Timeline Assistance

This ties into that handy wedding photo check list you should be getting.  Once your photographer knows who you want in your photos and how many people are going to be included, they should provide you with a recommended timeline of your day.  This is important even if you have a wedding planner, because it helps to ensure enough time for photos during each part of your wedding day.

The timeline your photographer creates should not only be shared with you, but with key wedding vendors as well; which brings us to the next thing your photographer should be doing.

Vendor Coordination

It’s always really nice when everyone is on the same page and your wedding runs smoothly.  That’s why your photographer should be asking you for a list of your vendors so they can coordinate with the rest of the wedding pros you’ve hired to bring your wedding day to life.

Whether you have a wedding planner or not, your photographer should reach out to your wedding venue/day-of coordinator and DJ at the very least to share the timeline they’ve put together to ensure that the plan for your day is the same across the board.

A Positive Attitude

This is something else that should go without saying, but if you follow me, you know I’m all about good vibes.  Your photographer is spending a lot of time with you during a really important milestone.  If they aren’t bringing good vibes to your wedding, then they might want to reconsider their profession, because there’s no excuse for a Negative Nancy with a camera.

Choosing a photographer for your wedding has a commonly held view as being overwhelming, but it really shouldn’t be.  Your photographer should take complete care of you to make every aspect of your experience easy and fun.  You deserve more than just a bill and a gallery link from your wedding photographer.

Are you ready to end your search for a wedding photographer and get everything you should be getting so you don’t have to worry?  Send me an email and I’ll make sure you’re taken care of!  xoxo


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