Cypress Grove Park Engagement Photos | Orlando, Florida

These Cypress Grove Park engagement photos taken in Orlando, Florida will make you want to take your honey for a stroll in the park!

Let’s talk about SWEET-HEARTS! I love sweet/shy couples, because more often than not, they’re super chill to work with and beyond easy-going (although pretty much all of my couples are easy-going).

Shameka and Pepe arrived for their engagement session at Cypress Grove Park in Orlando and they were (coyly) ready to go. I met them in the parking lot and I asked if they had any props or a change of clothes we needed to carry and Shameka looked at me and said sweetly, “no, we’re just us today.” Ummm heart melt! “I love it!” I replied; and we walked towards the gazebo I had scoped out adjacent to the parking lot.

The gazebo was a good place to start, because it was pretty to work with and I could take several steps back and just let them hang out and get comfortable while I was “checking my settings for light.” I gave them one simple prompt before I walked away which was to settle in with each other and be cozy while I got my camera settings right. (My camera settings were already right.) I stood back and watched them figure out whether they should pay attention to me or each other and I started snapping.

Shameka and Pepe were so fluid, despite telling me they were kind of shy, and they happily did the silly sweet things I asked of them. We wandered around the park chatting, taking photos, and getting to know each other.

I had fun being their third wheel and figuring out what made Pepe drop his serious face for genuine laughs and Shameka seemed to appreciate my efforts to tug out true, awkward-free expressions. By the end, they told me my favorite thing to hear when I finish a session, which was that they had fun!  It’s no secret that I thrive on giving fun experiences so when my shy couples tell me that, I know I met my goal!


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