Do you love the freedom of being your own boss, but feel like you keep getting stuck or need a boost? 

I've been there and I completely understand it.  You know you do great work and you deserve to have your dream job. You're passionate about your work as a photographer and you should be! 

All you need is a strong foundation to give you the confidence to move your photography business forward.

Do you feel like you need to work on things like:
~Getting organized
~Defining your values
~Honing in on your message
~Workflow and streamlining your experience
~Creating action plans
~Building relationships

Do you want to build an impactful photography business that brings clients who know and appreciate your value?

When other photographers ask me about things I've done to benefit my business, my answer is always the same: I invested in my brand.

I turned my creative passion into a dream job and I want the same--no, better--for you and I want to help you get there.


Let's talk about what we can do together...

i've been where you are...

Leveraging my 15 years of corporate experience with a creative passion has led me to build a business that impacts others in a positive way with clients in Southern California, Florida, New York, and beyond.

Are you ready to lay the new foundaiton you need to build an impactful photography business that's authentic to who you are?

"Best photographer ever!
I couldn't have imagined having a better photographer at our wedding. Crystal and her assistant were so upbeat and positive and SUPER helpful. She was very flexible and did whatever seemed right at the time. Crystal was extremely creative with the pictures she was taking before hand with all of our items. She always had a smile on her face the entire night! You can tell she loves what she's doing! It was the most incredible experience and I absolutely recommend Crystal to anyone in need of a photographer!!! BEST EXPERIENCE!"



1-on-1 mentoring

LET'S make an impact with your biz!

Mentoring sessions begin at $175

1 hour

Perfect if you're a photographer who is mostly in a
good place, but need help getting out of a rut.

4 weeks

You've been in business a little while, but need
help with things like organizing workflow, refining your message,
connecting with people, and narrowing down your ideal client.

8 weeks

You're pretty new to running your own photography business
and you need help creating and streamlining processes, identifying
your ideal client, defining your values, honing in on your messaging, and putting the practices in place that you need to have the business and freedom you want.

Are you ready to streamline and grow your business?
Reach out and let's talk about what you need!

mentoring for photographers