working with crystal lily photography

Our process begins with an initial conversation in person, via video chat or over the phone. (We love video, because it’s convenient for scheduling, we get to see your face, and pants are optional for everyone—just don’t stand up, haha!)

During our initial conversation, we will discuss your plans and vision, answer all of your questions, determine your needs, and discuss the important nitty-gritty stuff like contracts and payments. Once we have a plan in place, you will receive your contract and invoice followed by a link to a collaborative Pinterest board. (Yay!) 

for weddings and elopements...

For weddings and elopements, we will provide you with a day-of checklist and work with you to create a timeline to get the most out of your experience so you get photos you will love and want to share with everyone who scrolls your social media feed. 

After all the shots have been taken and a good night’s rest has been had, we will go through your photos and pick some favorites to share for sneak peeks within a couple of days. Elopements are delivered in 4-6 weeks and weddings are done in 6-8 weeks. (Sometimes, we might surprise you—and ourselves—by delivering galleries hella fast, but that depends on whether or not we’re in a busy stretch, but bear with us, we want to make sure we deliver photos you’ll LOVE!) 

While we are sure to give all of our clients’ sessions the care and attention they need, weddings do require a lot more TLC since there’s so much that goes into them, so please be patient with us while we work to put together the story of your wedding day.

lifestyle, engagement & boudoir...

For lifestyle, engagement, and boudoir sessions, the process is similar. In addition to your collaborative Pinterest board, you will receive a photo session check list and we will work with you to choose a location that gives all the good vibes for your photos.

Lifestyle, engagement, and boudoir sessions are usually complete with galleries being delivered within 2-4 weeks.

"Crystal was hands down one of the most talented and impactful photographers I've worked with.She made me laugh non-stop, which created some pretty amazing photos. My photos were perfect and I honestly wouldn't change one thing about our experience together from beginning to end. She shot from the greatest angles (even if it meant being perched on a bar stool like a parrot). If you are reading this and considering Crystal, take my word for it, she is epic and will not disappoint!"

~ Azara